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Rein Nomm

Rein Nomm

Plymouth, MI


I am an artist and visual explorer who uses paint, clay, paper, wire, film and pixels to create and discover new visual worlds. My work has evolved from recording the beauty and variety of the external world to creating my own imaginary worlds, as evidenced in my paintings, sculptures and digital works. Although my work is stylisticly varied, it does have undercurrents of Expressionism, Lyrical Abstraction and a dash of Dada; as well as reflecting my Northern European roots and the influences of a formal graduate education in art history and philosophy.

My work has been displayed or published by a variety of organizations including: the Saatchi Gallery Online, the Museum of the Cherokee Indian, the BBC Collective Gallery; Downtown LA Life Magazine International; Boletin del Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Historico (PH 60) in Seville, Spain; Qind Magazine (London, England), Green Hills Literary Lantern, Detroit Free Press, File Magazine, Flak Photo, the permanent collection of the Meteor Photo Gallery, and the Agitatto Gallery in Geneva, Switzerland, My work is also in private collections in Europe and the U.S. I have shown my work in a one-man show and in numerous group shows in the US.

I am a self-taught artist who has been honing his artistic skills and aesthetic sense for over 35 years. I have worked as a professional photographer, off and on, for the past 18 years, undertaking assignments as diverse as architectural photography, executive portraits, special events and product packaging. I also have taught art history, philosophy and logic at various colleges and universities in Michigan and was chairman of the Humanities department at Duns Scotus College in the 1970s. I have two Masters degrees, one in Humanities and the other in Philosophy from Wayne State University.

I was born in a displaced persons (DP) camp in Augsburg, Germany of Estonian parents, and I immigrated to the United States in 1950. I grew up in Detroit and currently live in Plymouth, Michigan with my wife.


Rivulets of Time by Rein Nomm


Repercussion by Rein Nomm


The Collapse by Rein Nomm


The Roots of Entropy by Rein Nomm


Cloning Around by Rein Nomm


Linear Progression by Rein Nomm


Eclipsed by Rein Nomm


Ghosting by Rein Nomm


Crash and Burn by Rein Nomm


The Falling by Rein Nomm


Miscommunication by Rein Nomm


Coming Together by Rein Nomm


Finding A Way by Rein Nomm


Sown Sorrows by Rein Nomm


Fugue in C by Rein Nomm


Infected by Rein Nomm


Stitched by Rein Nomm


Chromatic Scales by Rein Nomm


C Colors by Rein Nomm


The C Spot by Rein Nomm


It All Falls Down by Rein Nomm


The Crest by Rein Nomm


Growing Strange by Rein Nomm


Precious Bane by Rein Nomm


The Light From Below by Rein Nomm


Touching Shape by Rein Nomm


Outgrowth by Rein Nomm


Dead Center by Rein Nomm


Crystal Cuniform by Rein Nomm


The Missing Piece by Rein Nomm


Crystal Falls by Rein Nomm


Flash Flood by Rein Nomm


A Hidden Light by Rein Nomm


The Progenitor by Rein Nomm


The Crystal Protist by Rein Nomm


Defiance by Rein Nomm


The Light Show by Rein Nomm


The Cracked Crystal by Rein Nomm


Crystal Doily by Rein Nomm


Crystal Colonies by Rein Nomm


Enter Chaos by Rein Nomm


Sunburst by Rein Nomm


The Crystal Peacock by Rein Nomm


Contagion by Rein Nomm


Crystal Blossoms by Rein Nomm


A New Dawn by Rein Nomm


Ornate Twins by Rein Nomm


Tumble Weed by Rein Nomm